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Tree Services

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The investment you make in trees is an added value to your property.  Diversified Trees is your first choice for professional tree care and management services.
Tree Health Care 
Whether you have newly planted or mature trees, all trees perform better with the appropriate care.  A consistent fertilization program can make the difference between watching your trees decline or helping them grow into the specimen trees you expect and want.

Construction Planning
Do you have a tree save plan?  You should if you want to preserve the integrity of your trees through the construction process.  Mature trees can easily and often unnecessarily be lost due to construction related damage.

Tree Removals

We know that you want a tree removal company to respect your concerns and to care for your property.  We make every effort to minimize the impact to your buildings, home, or landscape during the removal process.

Tree Pruning

Good pruning is perhaps the most often overlooked and yet, one of the most beneficial aspects of responsible tree care.  When proper pruning practices are followed, limb structure, air flow, pest resistance, and vigor can all improve, thereby increasing the longevity of your trees.

Other Services:

• Tree Planting
• Hazardous Tree Evaluations
• Emergency Storm Damage
• Cabling & Bracing Systems

• Insect and Disease Evaluations
• Tree Fertilization

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